Centre de formation francophone pour adultes

Francophone Adult Training Center

FormationPLUS is an adult training center that offers a variety of programs geared towards the francophone community. Alpha Chapleau was incorporated in July 1991. he Centre culturel Louis-Hémon sponsored a study in order to determine the need for a French literacy centre in Chapleau. This was started in July 1990. Our major sponsor is the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities. However, we have developped other partnerships over the years that permit us to offer programs that would not otherwise be offered such as workforce training, special skills training, and artistic development programs.

Various Programs
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Various Programs

"AFB" program (LBS ) : This program consists of five levels. Once a learner has completed these levels, he has attained a grade eight equivalency in French and Math. He is ready for further training such as OBS, GED or ILC (described below). Not only does a learner have academic upgrading, but he also has various workshops such as employment skills, health related subjects, time management, organizational skills and computer basic skills.

"FBO" program (OBS ) : A learner finishing this program has a grade twelve equivalency in French, Math and Science. He is now ready for employment or post-secondary education. This program is in partnership with Collège Boréal.

"CEI" courses (ILC) : These are correspondance courses through the Independant Learning Center with the Ministry of Education. We are an identifiable group of the ILC. A learner chooses a credited course, can get help if needed, and can write the test at the end of his course at our center. The evaluation of his work experience and life skills in exchange for credits is also an available service.

GED program : This program also offers a grade twelve equivalency, but in all subjects: French, litterature, math, history, geography, economics... to name a few. A learner will come to our center to prepare for a mandatory two day test with the Ministry of Education.

Night courses : We offer evening courses on a regular basis. Having a state of the art computer lab means that we will be able to offer up-to-date computer courses. We also offer general interest courses.

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Special Projects

In the past twelve years, we have had several special projects at local, regional, provincial and national levels. We will continue to submit proposals in order to help us better serve our community. Some of the projects have helped us in the evaluation process, creation of material for adult learners, improved awareness of the literacy program.

One itiniative is the Chapleau Children's Art Enrichment Program - first of its kind in Canada. This unique program consists of partnering artists with special need children and helping them through fulfilling and stimulating artistic exercises.

Other projects revolved around creating material for adult learners, employment related workshops, family literacy...

In 2002-2003 we worked with schools, parents and children in order to facilitate the success of provincial testing for our children. Two manuals were created : one for grades 1-6 and a second one for grades 7-9.

In the years to come, we project the introduction of 40-week or less training programs such as homecare, small business, artist professional development, more night courses, and flexible training for people in the workplace.

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Contact Information

P.O. Box 714
69 Birch St.
Chapleau, Ontario, Canada
P0M 1K0

Tel : (705) 864-2763
Fax : (705) 864-2822

E-mail : formationplus@vianet.ca

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