The Historic Railway Mural was created by Thunder Bay artist, Michael O'Connor, and assistant, David Vancook. Here is a progress overview of the creation process.

Step 1. Using reference photos, Michael does a study of the envisionned mural - shading, shapes, colour schemes, proportions, perspective...
Step 2. David assists Michael by tracing some elements from reference photos to capture some more intricate and necessary elements.
Step 3. Once the wanted image is completed on paper, transformation from the page to the wall can only be done through projection. The principal contour lines of the image are traced.
Step 4. Parts of the scene are masked in order to hide some elements and also helps create perfect lines and curves.
Step 5. Here, David is demonstrating the two types of tools used: airbrush and regular paint brush. The medium (acrylic paint) remains the same. An artist's skill is in mastering many techniques using a variety of tools at his disposal.
Step 6. Mixing pigments to get the correct colour tones requires good understanding of colour schemes.
Fact: One mural can take between 5 to 12 days, depending on the size of the mural and the level of details in the image. For this mural, the two artists will be at work for 5 long days (14 hours a day).
And the final result:
Historic Railway Mural