The Murals Project progressed well. In 2000, Chapleau saw the creation of 6 murals adhorning its walls throughout town. The objective for Phase 2 was to produce 3 new murals, to be completed in time for Chapleau's Centennial Celebrations, held in June, 2001.

The work took place between January and July, 2001. It is estimated that close to two dozen volunteers took part in the creation of the murals.

Here are some details on those 3 murals, and the artists coordinating the efforts:

As revealed by the picture, this mural depicts our area's wealth in wildlife. The natural resources are an appropriate theme as they represent the primary source of income and enjoyment for a great majority of northern Ontario residents.

The mural is mounted on the local Ministry of Natural Resources warehouse. Contrary to the usual format, this mural is in vertical format 10 by 16 feet.

Chapleau artist, Bonnie Ivey coordinated the efforts. Production took place during April-May 2001.


The second mural depicts a travelling pack of wolves on a cold wintery morning in northern Ontario. Conception, design, and production plans took place during July, 2001.

Local artist Vikki Burkholder coordinated the project. Her mural is located at the Chapleau Ojibwe Band Office. Vikki is one of Chapleau's best and most respected young artists. She specializes in wildlife and landscape art, mastering the skill of giving personality and character to painted subjects.

The third mural's theme is: The Caretakers. Moonbeam artist Mary Weymark Goss coordinated the mural creation.

The six panels of the mural depict women as caregivers and nurturer, celebrating the involvement of women in every aspect of life. Eight-foot high figures are given a monumental appearance through the use of stylization and simplification, giving the impression of sculptures or icons.

The six figures depict the following aspects of the theme:
1. The Caretaker of the Environment (air, water, earth)
2. The Caretaker of the Earth's Creatures (animal life)
3. The Caretaker of Earth's Garden (plant life)
4. The Caretaker of the Family (mother, wife)
5. The Caretaker of the Community (volunteer, guardian)
6. The Caretaker of the Spirit (counsellor, companion)

The attached JPEG is of panel #2, The Caretaker of the Earth's Creatures.

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Murals - Phase 2 (2001)